Hot Tub & Spa Services

Hot Tub & Spa Maintenance Services

We have a number of different services for you to select from. Whether its open and closing or maintenance throughout the year, we can custom just the right services for your needs.

Hot Tub & Spa Maintenance Service

Our Spa Maintenance Package offers the following services:

  • Draining and refilling of the spa
  • Line flush with our Jet Line Cleaner
  • Replacement of the filter
  • Cleaning of the hot tub shell with our Acrylic Brightner Shell Clean
  • Cleaning of the cabinet with ThermoBoard (all cabinets except cedar panels)
  • Cleaning and conditioning of the cover and pillows
  • Removal and cleaning of all jet inserts
  • Inspection of the heater and ozonator
  • Replacement of the union o-ring and heater gaskets
  • Inspection of all spa wiring
Hot Tub & Spa Winterizing 

If winter is right around the corner and you are ready to get your hot tub prepared for the cold weather that is approaching, the Winterize Spa options are right for you. With this service, you receive all of the following:

  • Draining of the spa
  • Removing the pump drain plugs
  • Loosening all unions
  • Vacuuming out all lines and jets
  • Removing the filter and cleaning it for storage
  • Installing 8m plastic weather barrier to guarantee a watertight seal
Hot Tub & Spa Spring Opening

Once spring rolls around, you will want to start using your hot tub again right away. Before you jump in, you can use our Spring Opening service to get it properly prepared. This service  includes:

  • Inspection of all spa mechanics
  • Replacing the pump drain plugs
  • Tightening all unions and fittings
  • Reinstalling stored filters
  • Filling the spa
  • Completion of a leak inspection
  • Checking on all spa functions to make certain they operate properly