Carbon Flex

Pure InfraTM Saunas by Finnleo provide peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing you are using the Lowest EMR and EF infrared sauna in the world. Peace of mind knowing the product is backed by a 90 -year-old sauna company and the largest sauna and steam company globally. Peace of mind relaxing in the soft, soothing and body enveloping deep absorbing heat of a “Pure Infra” Sauna by Finnleo. Available in standard or custom sizes. Only Finnleo can offer you an infrared product for any shape and space.




Infrared saunas radiate EMR and EF radiation. Though not harmful in the low doses used in Infrared saunas, we spent the last several years developing a new and breakthrough technology that nearly eliminates this radiation while still maintaining the positive effects of infrared sauna. We call it Pure InfraTM (Multiple patents in the U.S., Canada and International) and this new technology are exclusive to Finnleo. It’s the only infrared sauna technology that has radiation levels below the tough Swedish radiation standards throughout the sauna room including all points of body contact.




The only Sauna manufacturer to use international 3rd party verification with test in “Actual” use with all connections and electrical distribution points in place. Beware of lab bench test reports which are dramatically different from real life full room tests.




One of the most common complaints about infrared saunas is uneven heat distribution —“cold spots”—where no IR waves reach the body, and “hot spots” when seated directly in front of outdated ceramic or metallic IR heaters.

Finnleo’s Far-Infrared Saunas are purpose-engineered to create the most soothing, full-body heat exposure available. Using the most advanced far-infrared technology, Finnleo’s CarbonFlex® emitters generate even heat and wall-to-wall full body coverage.

CarbonFlex® heating panels have a larger heating surface, which ensures your perfect bathing comfort in two important ways. First, the larger surface disperses heat over a wider area, keeping their surface temperature comfortable for bathers.
Secondly, maximum exposure over the widest possible area creates optimal infrared wavelengths, which in turn produces deep penetration, and soft, even heat you expect for a pure sauna experience.

Due to Finnleo’s patented technology, all Finnleo “Pure Infra” Saunas have EMR levels throughout the sauna room below 2 mG and EF levels below 1 Vm (the lowest in the industry), measured at the point of body contact. Beware: other companies claiming Low EMR have radiation spikes throughout the room (floor, walls and ceiling).