Proper Drain Covers

Never swim in a pool or use a spa or hot tub that has a broken or missing drain cover!

New, anti-entrapment drain covers are available and according to federal law, must be used in all commercial pools. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that residential pools also use approved anti-entrapment covers, along with additional protection such as:

  • Properly spaced multiple outlets
  • An unblockable outlet
  • Safety vacuum release system
  • Suction limiting vent line
  • Automatic pump shut-off system
  • Gravity drainage system

Note that disabling the drain(s) or reversing the flow eliminates entrapment hazards completely and should be discussed with a service professional.


“There is no back up in the marketplace today for a missing or broken drain cover that will protect against all five suction entrapment hazards. The pool or spa needs to be closed to bathers until a compliant cover is securely in place.”

Carvin DiGiovanni,
Senior Technical Director,