Maintenance Equipment & Accessories

Do I need Special Tools?


For the pump and filtration systems of modern pools, you shouldn't need any special tools for normal week to week and daily maintenance.  The valves, filter traps and housings should all have hand operated levers, knobs or latches.   For repair and seasonal maintenance its best to have a pool professional come in to perform those operations.

OK, how about at Poolside?

There are basic items that all pool owners should have at poolside.  Mostly, for cleaning and safety.   Please see the safety section in this website for a detailed guide to pool safety.

Basic Equipment List:

  • Life preserver attached to a rope and a safety pole with a hoop on the end close to the pool in case of a potential drowning.
  • First-aid kit on hand at all times to treat minor cuts and scrapes.
  • A telescoping pole for cleaning attachments.
  • A skimming net (leaf net) to clean out leaves and other debris from the water's surface.
  • A pool wall scrubbing brush. A gentle once over brushing of the pool sides will help keep your pool clean and even help with robotic pool cleaners
  • A water vacuum hose with vacuum cleaning attachment.
  • A pumice stone or Magic Eraser to clean coping tile as needed.
  • A water test kit.